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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  January 2, 2013 7:00am-9:00am PST

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>> reporter: workers in hayward still trying to shut off the flow of water at this intersection after a large pipe burst early this morning. we'll tell you what is making this such a tough job. low temperatures. 25 degrees. talk about what could be a little warmer. the one thing that i think hopefully the new year will
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focus is 0 on is, putting -- focus on is putting a package like this together with a little less drama. >> reporter: many people are returning to work today and they will start to see a drop in their paycheck. "mornings on 2" starts right now. well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2". i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's wednesday, january 2nd. developing news from the east bay we've been following since 4:30 this morning. a water main break on jackson. ktvu's alex savidge was first on the scene and joins us to tell us when crews expect to have the water shut off.
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it was supposed to be at 7:00. but that's no longer the case? >> reporter: that's correct. the time frame, obviously being pushed back. it's a very complicated process from what i understand as they are still trying to isolate where the break is on this underground water line and what those workers are doing from the city of hayward's water department, they are checking the valves near this intersection trying to see which one of them will shut off the water. obviously they haven't found it yet. lanes of traffic are closed down. more of them have opened up. so cars are coming through. this is jackson and santa clara streets. as you can see, it's right near the ent transto 880 -- entrance to 880. water is still running down the street. this is what it looked like when this 12-inch line ruptured. firefighters were called in to cut off the flow of water. it wasn't a simple fix.
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so apparently, the water department had to be called in. a police lieutenant is hoping to open more lanes of traffic here at this intersection once the where -- once the where the is shut off. >> we need to open up the intersection for the commute hour. what they are trying to do right now is actually locate where in the pipe the break is so at least shut the water down and repair the pipe is secondary. >> reporter: meantime, while all of this repair work is taking place and crews try to shut off the water, the lieutenant says water service has not been impacted in this area. there have been no interruptions for homes and businesses nearby. there's no flooding in the area, which is good news, given the amount of water that was coming out of this line. the police lieutenant says once the crews can get the water shut off and control the flow, there will still be repair work need to be done. the crews need to get in there
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and figure out where the line was ruptured and then it will take time to repair the it. live in this morning in hayward, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> i'm gonna throw in alternate routes. this is very close to interstate 880. i want to put up a map here and show you the best way to avoid this is not to use 92 into hayward, jackson street. get on the freeway and go one exit north and use winton avenue. you can get to downtown hayward that way. if you want to go south and use tenmy son. the key avoid using jackson after 880 because there will be delays. they should go away later today. right now, it's a good alternate to use winton avenue. we'll have more traffic in just a few minutes. back to the desk. thank you, sal. happening right now, president obama has just arrived in
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hawaii. these are live pictures right now of what looks like the top of the president's head about to get in a limousine. his -- the back of the plane, the stairs there right in the background. the president left washington, d.c. late last night right after the house of representatives approved legislation averting the fiscal cliff. the president is now going to rejoin his family. he cut his vacation short. he returned to washington, d.c. from the family vacation in hawaii. he returned on thursday in order to deal with the fiscal cliff. and we are still, by the way, waiting to hear exactly when the president will sign the deal. once again, live pictures. the president has just arrived in hawaii, and it looks like his suv there, right in front of air force one will be pulling away shortly from the tarmac and taking him back to a private rented villa where he's staying with his wife and two daughters and other family members. staying there for at least a few more days before coming back to washington, d.c. to return to the business athand.
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live pictures from honolulu, hawaii there. still very early in the morning. meanwhile, the house of representatives managed to pass the senate bill that protects 99% of americans from an income tax increase. >> the central premise of my campaign was to change the tax code that was too skewed to the wealthy, at the expense of working middle-class americans. tonight we've done that. >> and again, there's no word yet on when president obama will sign the bill. here's some provisions -- a permanent extension of previous tax cuts for all taxpayers except individuals making more than $400,000 a year or couples making more than $450,000. the bill continues unemployment benefits for the long-term jobless for another year. it postpones decisions on controversial spending cuts for
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two months as well as the debt ceiling and current federal budget. more debate expected ahead and more possible fiscal cliffs that the government will have to deal with. >> the u.s. stock exchanges are reacting to the deal in a very positive way. the dow is currently up 261 points, at 13,365. that's exactly 2% up. the nasdaq is up 2.5%, up 77. s&p is also up, 29. asia markets were the first to re-- first to the react. hong kong closed with a nearly 3%. south korea, 1.7. australia and taiwan were 1% on the news and european markets have been up all day. 7:07. even though congress took action to avert income tax hikes on most americans, your
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paycheck will still get smaller in 2013. ktvu's janine de la vega is in san jose right now to explain about the end of the payroll tax holiday. janine? >> reporter: dave, we've been talking to people as they've been making their way to work. most people didn't [ male announcer ] subway has so many
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jimmy -- jamie dupree is live with a rundown of the winners and losers in the process now that a deal is done, at least for now, jamie. >> reporter: yeah. you know, tori, i think the definition of who is the winner depends on what side of the political football you are on. it's really interesting. some think the republicans gave
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up everything and caved and that the republicans did an awful job. on the flip side, you can find a lot of liberal and labor groups who are going ballistic. they think the president sold them out and gave too much to republicans. so very, very interesting to go into these two parallels today and hear both sides saying they think the other got the better of them. a lot of democrats feel like it's a good idea. a lot of republicans liking the tax agreement but wanting more upon budget cuts. we'll have more fiscal cliffs coming up. >> i want to talk about what. but going back to both sides being unhappy. that's the critical definition of a good deal, right, that -- >> reporter: well, at least a compromise. you are absolutely right. that's what we thought from the beginning. both sides if they are grumbling about it -- i think in some ways, look, the republicans were able to attain
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something. >> now, republicans were able to get the income threshold raised to about $400,000 for an individual, $450,000 a family. that was much higher than the $250,000 proposed by the president. some republicans still think that even though they were able to get so much of that made permanent that it still really wasn't a vict, for them. there is a -- victory for them. a lot of democrats didn't like that. >> we're losing a little bit of your audio. i -- there's basically three more fiscal cliffs that congress is facing right now, right? >> reporter: the debt limit in february. the automatic march and the third is a temporary budget runs out -- runs out at the end
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of march. that will present more situations and battling. it might be a very rough start to the new year in terms of political battling between democrats and republicans. of course, the white house, as well. >> all right. jamie dupree, joining us live from washington, d.c. you can find a link to jamie's blog at pull down the news bar. all right, tori. 7:20. for the first time there is a new study that says fructose sugar may make you overeat. tests show that fructose, a type of sugar can cause changes in the brain that make you overeat the -- overeat. it found drinking a beverage with fructose, the brain does not register the feeling of being full like with other simple sugars. although the study doesn't prove it causes obesity, it does add to the evidence it may
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contribute to it. >> something to think about in the new year. 7:20. it's really cold out there. up next -- meteorologist, steve paulson, will tell us where temperatures will dip. and why the taliban now compares the war in afghanistan to the vietnam war. good morning. highway 4, looks like it's not very heavy right here on the willow pass grade. we'll tell you about a trouble spot in the east bay when we continue. [ male announcer ] the career landscape of america is changing.
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this morning, the taliban is comparing the war in afghanistan to the vietnam war. the taliban says the u.s. is employing "a declared victory and run strategy" to end the conflict in afghanistan. we're gradually coming back to the holiday.
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sal, watching the commute. >> certainly, people are going to work. at least you have a knowledge it will be better for you. let's take a look at the live pictures that we have. i'm sure we're gonna start with a map. southbound 880 at 23rd. there was a crash. hey where, even 92, if you go on to jackson street, there is a delay because of a water main break. use winton avenue instead to get to the downtown area. much better route for you at this time. let's go to the san mateo bridge nearby. the traffic looks good. no major problems on the dumb bar fon bridge either. you know it's lighter than usual when you see this, 237, the traffic here, moving well through 880. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. clear skies, cold, cold, cold. by the way, there's enough of a south wind that is helping to keep the temperatures up.
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it's cold inland. frost advisory, freeze warnings take us to another hour and a half. we'll be left with high clouds. 27 napa, 32 san rafael, 31 redwood city. san jose, 34. but there's a lot of colder readings not far away including say ta toga, los gatos, palo alto, 28. sebastopol, 25. boulder creek, 25, highs today with a lot of sunshine. we'll be warmer. so there you go. thank you, steve. 7:25. looking for new ways to reduce the reduce -- to reduce the violence in oakland. the changes ahead for this year. >> reporter: beer live in walnut creek where it's freeze -- we're live in walnut creek
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where it's freezing. >> reporter: and more people are complaining about taxicab services. we'll you what some of the complaints are and why some may surprise you. wé
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news, temperatures will recover. but right now they are very, very cold. for more on the freeze warning, we go live to ktvu's tara moriarty. i know you are in front of neiman marcus or nordstrom's but the thermometer there says -- >> reporter: 29 degrees. it's gotten a little bit colder than when we arrived. you want to wear gloves. we found some gloves selling like crazy. they have special fabric on the fingertips that will allow you it 29 degrees. reen devic. freeze warning in effect for the north bay valleys and mountains until 9:00. and a front advisory in effect for bayside cities and santa clara valley. the bone-chilling weather has had poem moving quickly in down- - has had people moving quickly in downtown this morning.
7:31 am
are you used to this. >> we come here every day to buy some coffee to keep us warm. right now it's very cold. >> reporter: i'll say. did you have any frost on your grass or windshield? >> yeah, yeah. on the car before we come here. so we have to scrape the ice. >> a little bit. >> reporter: now, it's a spare- the-air day. so even though it's cold, it's still ill lee to light fires -- it's still illegal to light fires. tomorrow and friday, still pretty cold but then the temperatures will warm up again on the weekend. live from downtown walnut creek, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:30. by -- oakland police are reporting some troubling trends as they try to reduce violence 131 people were killed in oakland in 2012. police tell "the tribune" that in some of the gang-related
7:32 am
killings apailants apparently -- assailants apparently planned and practiced before carrying out the attacks. police say use of the drug ecstasy is emboldening drug dealsers -- dealers. san jose police are investigating how a man who stripped naked and waved a samarra sword during a standoff also -- samurai sword during a standoff, police responded to a call about a man with an assault rifle. the man took off in a truck. police say the man stripped off his clothing and started waving a samurai sword. >> he's troubled. there's something bothering him very much. >> after a two-hour standoff, the man tried to scale a fence
7:33 am
and fell and dropped the sword. police found a loaded fun in his truck. investigators in solano county, investigating the cause of the new year's eve head-on crash that killed four people. it happened monday night east of rio vista around 9:15. a hyundai and toyota camera crashed -- camry crashed. two women were killed and a man from tracy died. the names of the victims have not been released. some san francisco taxi customers are not happy. they are complaining loudly. brian flores is live in san francisco now to tell us what they are complaining about. brian? >> reporter: hi, dave. good morning. if you have actually ridden a taxi here, i would say for the most part, the experience mass been heavily good for a lot of people. for about 1700 people, they didn't like the experience and they complained to the city. according to an article by the
7:34 am
bay citizen, about 1700 passengers complained about the their service. riders can complain to the 311 complaint line. the article states between july of 2011 and july of 2012 there was pan increase in 20% -- there was an increase of 20%. a list of complaints taxi drivers driving unsafely on the roads. there were complaints that drivers would refuse to take credit cards. there was at least one incident where a passenger alleged that a driver stole his credit card number. there were also complaints of driver's racial profiling, refusing to pick up passengers because of their race. drivers were using their cell phones. there was even a complaint of bedbugs in one cab. when we spoke to people this morning, despite the amount of complaints, they say compared to other cities, san francisco's cabs are fine. >> my experience has been the same think, you know, i'm a --
7:35 am
same you know, i ride my bike. everybody has always picked me up and it's all right. >> reporter: we tried to talk to several cab drivers here in union square. they didn't want to speak on camera. but they say their camera is safe. they take credit cards and they don't racial profile. the article also says many would support a passenger bill of rights that you would see in cities like new york and chicago. a lot of people use the taxis. the city says they have one person dedicated to manning that 311 line. they do take those allegations very seriously and want to hear from people if there are complaints. i'm brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. small business owners in san francisco say they are worried about a new rule that will end free metered parking on sundays. the new policy starts this weekend. it requires drivers to pay parking fees at all meters from noon until 6:00 p.m.
7:36 am
on sundays. the parking program will actually increase turnover in local business districts. there are some business owners say they worry it will drive away customers. want to economic in with sal. see -- want to check in with sal and see what's happening on the roads. any problems this morning? >> it feels like monday. some people had to go back to work. we didn't have a lot of traffic. we did have a couple of glitches but i think generally we're doing pretty well. let's take a look at 880. they had a crash at fruitvale, southbound. they got that out of the way and traffic quickly recovered because it's lighter than usual. as we build up to what will be a lot of people's first day will be next monday. even then, it's not gonna look the same at the toll plaza for just a little while. in january, we usually have a little bit of a dropoff here. no problems on the bridge getting into the city. also want to mention in the south bay we've been doing
7:37 am
pretty well on 101 and 280 as you get into the silicon valley. let's go to steve. >> excuse me, sal. thank you. i was talking to tori. that's my fault. this looks like a dry stretch for about the two weeks -- for the first two weeks of january. the pattern looks like it's definitely changed. things are driving more towards southern california or going north and really we haven't had any significant rain. a little warmer today. a few high clouds tomorrow. looks quiet on the extended. many of you e-mail me. what do you see? nothing yet. it looks dry, dry, dry or weak systems. they look pretty good until they arrive and then they run into a shearing effect, jet stream which would leave storms. one goes north, one goes south. guess who is in between? we are and that's not a
7:38 am
favorable pattern. it does have a lot of cold air. we're hard pressed to mix that out. so 20s, 30s around the bay and also the coast. there is enough of a little southeast wind that keps -- that helps keep temperatures up. now, very, very lot. that's a lot of temperatures sliding in the 20s. boulder creek, core -- cordilia, san jose, los gatos, all around the san jose area, blossom hill, either 29, 30 or 31. the freeze warning goes for another hour. same for the frost advisory goes until 9:00. it's 9 below in truckee. 27 ukiah, sacramento, 29. redding 26. there's some really cold air in place. cloud and rain forecast. watch how this system -- it can't go anywhere. it goes north and south. all we get is a dying system and a lot of high clouds. that won't be until tomorrow. until the pattern changes.
7:39 am
it's a dry -- until the pattern changes, it's a dry a pattern. it's tough to re-- a dry pattern. it's tough to recover. 50s on the temperatures. a little warmer by the bay. and inland temperatures are struggling to get out of 27, 28. santa cruz, 56. half moon bay, 54. i mean, they have a little east wind at the half moon bay airport at 44. high clouds thursday. no big deal. friday looks sunny. another system comes in. i think it will do the same thing which will give us partly cloudy skies. >> all right. thank you, steve. 7:38. well, the fiscal cliff is averted, for now. but congress failed to do something that has infuriated lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. and the new alert system to help find missing seniors. the first alert was just issued yesterday and this morning, there was a new development in
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that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. the house passed the senate deal. as kyla campbell report, early trade something off to a great start on wall street. kyla? >> reporter: we've been keeping an eye on the stock exchange this morning. numbers were up immediately after the opening bell last hour. that piggybacks off two positives from the fiscal cliff deal. households making less than $450,000 a year will stay at their current tax rate and
7:43 am
federal unemployment benefits continue for 2 million americans this year. something left out of the deal will take more money out of paychecks. the payroll tax holiday expired. so most of us are paying 2% more in taxes. and just as congress compromised on the fiscal cliff deal, it's gearing up for two big fights in the coming weeks, raising the debt ceiling and cutting government spending. >> and the one thing that i think hopefully in the new year we'll focus on is seeing if we can put a package like this together with a little bit less drama, a little bess brinksmanship, not -- a little bit less brinksmanship, not scare americans so much. >> reporter: people will have less cash by paying more with the payroll tax. live in washington, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. the dow is up 240. the rest of the index is up about 2% right now. and we have more on the fiscal cliff vote on our website.
7:44 am
go to and click the tab on the front page. some members of congress are on the floor right now, on the floor of the house of representatives, calling for a vote on legislation to help the victims of superstorm sandy. lawmakers are angry because the republican house leadership ended the session without voting on that sandy bill. >> we're told we'll get a bill on the floor later this month in the next congress. it's already nine weeks. it's already an unprecedented length of time and why? new york and pennsylvania and new jersey, those residents -- are those residents any leisureses than other parts of the country -- are those residents any less residents than other parts of the country? the deal to avert the fiscal cliff appears to be good news for hollywood.
7:45 am
the legislation extends millions of dollars in tax incentives for the entertainment industry, through the end of the year. producers of movies made here in the u.s. can deduct up to $15 million in expenses. those incentives were generous for tv producers who can claim deductions for each episode. experts are predicting a shortage of primary care doctors in california and across the country. as the population gets colder, and they also say that the affordal care act could strain access to primary care physicians. medical schools and hospitals in california are working to address the issue by increasing training and residency programs. the federal government is making more money veil for those primary care programs. one southern california lawmaker says he plans to introduce a bill that would give pharmacists, work
7:46 am
practitioners, and physicians assistants a bigger role in healthcare. the man who people were looking for in the first silver alert, he's been found. claudine wong has more on this program. >> the good news is that 82- year-old has been found. he was found after a vehicle stop in grass valley and has now been taken to the hospital for evaluation. he is the first person to prompt a silver alert in the state of california. the program is for at-risk seniors. 65 and older. it just started yesterday in california. but similar systems are being used in an estimated 30 other states. elk grove police say they contacted the chp yesterday for help. he disappeared after a fight with miss wife monday afternoon and left his home without his medication. he was supposed to go to his son's house but never arrived and the decision to issue that silver alert was made about 9:30 yesterday morning. >> the family was concerned because he's been experiencing
7:47 am
signs of dementia, forgetfulness. >> again, he's now been found. credit card charges show he traveled through at least three counties. the big difference between am where alerts and silvers, silver alerts, they will not appear on big boards. but any are issued to facilities -- but they are  issued to facilities, the seniors are. this program did pass both houses on a unanimous bipartisan vote. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, claudine. 7:46. a woman in antioch launching a campaign to stop the number of home break-ins on her street. christine morales told us burglars robbed her house twice in one month and stole family heirlooms and jewelry and trashed her bedroom.
7:48 am
when she started talking to neighbors and the police, she found out she was not the only victim on her street. >> just? one month in -- just in one month, on our street, we've had one burglary every week. once a week, there's a burglary. >> now, a neighbor's video surveillance system helped catch three suspects. but neighbors are calling on officials to do -- to do something. well, a small santa rosa school for special needs students wants help. they want to catch the burglars who broke into the school during the christmas holidays. the new horizons learning center serves about 20 teenagers. the school says students struggled at mainstream schools but are doing better at this school. the teachers are trying to figure out how the burglars knew to get in through an upper floor window and seemed to know where motion sensors were and alarms were at the school.
7:49 am
>> it's just quieting. it could be somebody in the family because we kind of do look at this place as a family. >> now, whoever did it, stole computers with special education software and the school van. a we gold honda odyssey. they desperately -- a 2003 gold honda odyssey. they desperately need it back. amazon is apologizing for the problems it caused netflix services. amazon is working to learn from the problem and use that information to improve the service. netflix has run into a new problem. some customers have been unable to access the dvd poe of the website. the streaming operation is inaffected. the nfl playoffs haven't even started yet but nearly all of the super bowl ads slots are already sold out. cbs says just two 30-second spots remain available and
7:50 am
those could be gone at any minute. advertisers pay $3.5 million for 30 seconds. there are a lot of repeats, including godad and vw. there are -- and vw. and tom corbin plans to sue the ncaa over sanctions. the sanctions include a $60 million fine to finance child abuse grants nationwide. pennsylvania lawmakers have objected to finance in other states. sandusky is serving at least 30 years after being convicted for sexually assaulting boys. sanford, in cause you haven't heard, won their first rosebowl in 30 years. >> that sealed the victory for
7:51 am
the cardinal. they beat wisconsin, 20-14. david shaw got the gatorade shower and then he did that, he raised the rosebowl trophy. coming up at 8:15, we'll get a live report about stanford's victory from fred ingles. the mayor of palo alto won a friendly rosebowl bet. he bet that stanford would beat madison. the mayor of madison lost the bet. according to the terms of the deal, he has to wear a stanford cap at a city council meeting, he also has to fly the stanford flag in madison and plant a tree in stanford's honor. ten minutes before 8:00. future new year's celebrations in old san francisco are now in debt. how a terrible crime could put an end to p festivities. and what the early readings about the snowpack are telling us about the water fly in the state. well, well, well.
7:52 am
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eight minutes before 8:00. today is california's first snow survey taken by hand for the winter season. the department of water resources takes several measurements. officials say earlier electronic snowpack readings show water content is nearly 150% of normal for the first time this year. the nearest snowpack measurement to the bay area takes place near echo summit at 11:00 this morning. 7:53. the deadly new year's eve shooting in sacramento has officials deciding if they will allow a new year's eve event next year. police say 22-year-old carlito montoya, shot a man, his wife during an argument on monday night. the wife survived. the suspect was arrested after he was wounded in a shootout with a security guard, who was also hurt.
7:55 am
officials say tourism officials say that was an isolated incident. the fireworks show was cancel after the shooting. they did shoot off fireworks the next morning. those fireworks were rigged with live charges and you can't store them. the blast in the morning startled a lot of people in the area. starting today, work on san francisco's central subway project resumes. two busy streets will be blocked to traffic. ellis will own i be partially open -- only be partially opened between stockton and the ellis o'farrell garage. work started three years ago. when it's completed it will run from south of market street through union square and end in chinatown. >> all right, tara -- tara. tori. i was thinking because tara has been in for sal and sal is back. do we have any traffic this morning? >> not a lot, dave.
7:56 am
we've had a couple of things but they've cleared right back and we go right back to light traffic. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. i think you will like it very much getting into san francisco. the crowd was there earlier and then it cleared up nicely. and i'm expecting the same for tomorrow and friday. northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. that looks good. if you are driving on 101 heading south it should be a nice drive. we're looking around for any slow traffic we see on the south bay freeways. so far it's lightly traveled. let's go to steve. >> cold, cold, cold for many. frost advisory another hour. freeze rnin the same. on the coast and the city, there's enough of a south wind kind of hipping things. it will be sunny, wall-to-wall sunshine. it will be warmer. when you start off at 25 degrees. it's tough to warm up. 50 to 57. maybe 58 towards santa cruz. 20 santa rosa, napa is in
7:57 am
there. concord, livermore, there's a lot of 20s here. unless you are closer to the bay or the coast, it's not as bad. 25, that's the coldest i've seen so far. it doesn't mean they are not colder. i just haven't had time to dig deep enough. a lot of 29s towards san jose and saratoga and los gatos. freeze warning out for another hour and front advisory as well. the system is falling apart. it will not do anything except spin a few high clouds. 50s on the temperatures. it will be a little bit warmer today. i think this a fern holds probably until the weekend. another system will approach. i think it will have the same fate and that's -- i think -- and that's go south. a few extra pounds could lead to a lock life. what a surprising -- to a long life. what a surprising study learned about those who are moderately
7:58 am
long life. >> reporter: and an underground line ruptured this morning. we'll give you an update on the number of homes affected. unless you are due for a pay raise or a promotion, you will see less money in your paycheck. we'll explain what tax break is expiring when "mornings on 2" continues. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. your new light creamy potato with bacon & cheese soup
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good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. it's wednesday, january 2nd. well, they have finally shut off the water from that hayward water main break almost four hours after it happened. the water had been pouring into jackson street right near the entrance of 880. ktvu's alex savidge has been there since 4:30 this morning. he's back now. so that's good news. but there's still a lot of work to do out there, right? >> reporter: there's still repair work to do. the crews are getting to that right now. but now that the water has been shut off, i can give you a better look at the damage. look at the road here, the way it was turn -- the way it was pushed up. essentially what the crews had to do, they had to turn off several different water valves
8:01 am
throughout this entire neighborhood. we understand from one of the workers i talked with that a couple of hundred people may be without water as this repair work takes place. meantime, there's still several lanes of traffic blocked off at this intersection. we're at jackson and santa clara in hayward. here was the scene as water gushed from the road. this was a 12-inch main that ruptured just after 3:30 this morning. now, initially firefighters tried to cut off the flow. it wasn't a simple fix. so the water department had to be called in. crews were using a special cool called a valve key and check valves, turn those off and eventually stop the flow of water. you can see a couple of lanes of traffic are still blocked off. repair work will be taking place for a few more hours. this is near the entertains of 880. you will like -- entrance of 880. you will likely want to avoid
8:02 am
that area. how about alternate routes? well, sal castanedo has some of those. >> it is a good aia to avoid. it's close -- it is a good area to avoid. go up to 880, get off at winton area avenue. avenue-- get off at winton avenue. we did get a little bit bucky that today, lighter volume traffic. that's a better alternate. you can use tennyson and avoid jackson street. let's go back to the desk. all right, sal. repair crews worked all night to fix another water main break. this one on mt. diablo and salvio street. officials say no one lost their water. no homes or businesses were damaged. the crews finished fixing the
8:03 am
break about an hour ago. president obama arrived back in hawaii to rejoin his family vacation. this is video of the president arriving in honolulu this morning. actually, i'm wonder if that might be him leaving since he's getting on a plane. but he made the overnight trip after the house of representatives passed a late- night bill to avoid the fiscal cliff. >> thanks to the votes of democrats and republicans, i will sign a law that raises taxes on the wealthy. >> i wish i could say this was a proud moment, a moment in which we started the new year off right in which the 1st of january was the first of many good thins. it isn't. we're kicking the can down the road. >> the white house had no immediate update on when the president would receive and sign the bill. tomorrow new members of congress, though, will be sworn in. here's some of the provisions
8:04 am
of the deal passed last night. a permanent extension of previous tax cuts for all payers except for individuals making $had00,000 or couples making more than $450,000 -- making more than $400,000 or couples making more than $450,000. they will have to face at least three more fiscal cliffs. they will have to resolve the issues this last-minute deal did not address. 8:03. well, the action that congress took late last night to prevent income tax for most americans does not mean your paycheck is safe. ktvu's janine de la vega is in san jose right now to tell us why your next paycheck will still be smaller because the payroll tax holiday is ending. >> reporter: many people are surprised to hear that this payroll tax cut is expiring. analysts say this will but some strain on the economy because
8:05 am
the less money people take home, the less they will spend. the average family making $50,000 a year will see their paychecks drop by $1,000 a year. the average family making $75,000 a year will see $1500 less a year and the average making $100,000 a year will see a decrease of $2,000 annually. now, one man we spoke to this morning said he did not know this would affect his paycheck and he says he doesn't like this. >> it will be a little bit hard. it will be difficult. i mean, we just have to survive like we have been. p penny-pinch, as they say. >> reporter: for the past few years, americans were enjoying a boost in their paychecks. the social security tax was lowered to 4.2%. now it's downing back to 6.2%. it was originally put in place
8:06 am
in 2010 as a way to boost the economy. the ending of this tax holiday was not even a bargaining tool because congress was focused on spending cuts and larger tax hikes. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:04. well, san francisco school students who eat school lunches are about to eat healthier. starting on monday, san francisco unified school district will introduce a new lunch menu provided by revolution foods. no more frozen foods, no more mystery meat. revolution foods say they make meals using local ingredients. no high-fuke dose corn syrup and nothing is -- no high- fructose corn syrup and nothing is frozen. a new study finds a few extra pounds may not be bad to your health but the risk of death does rise substantially for those who are obese. researchers at the us centers for disease control analyzed 97
8:07 am
studies involving almost 3 million people worldwide. they found people with a body mass index considered moderately overweight had a 6% chance of death. but those with a higher bmi had a 29% higher chance of death. a bmi of 29 to 30 is considered overweight. i think 20, 25 is considered normal. >> why were you looking at me when you were talking about that. >> i was not looking at you. i was looking at the camera. [laughter] sal's back. i thought you were gonna fix the traffic. >> well, traffic is looking bloating all of a sudden we have slow traffic. i think it's been building up from an earlier crash that we had southbound at 23rd. now there's very, very traffic. i think something has to be wrong here because as i look at
8:08 am
this, this got heavy very quickly. i'm looking at the chp to see what's going on. sometimes they lag in putting it up there. something is wrong on 880. use 580 as an alternate. let's move along and take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's light there. i want to mention that the best way to get to downtown hayward is not to use jackson street at 92. get on 880 northbound and use winton instead. let's go to steve. clear skies, cold, cold this morning. now, by the coast and bay, not as bad. had a little bit of a south breeze. mainly 40s, but there's still 40s for many and 20s for a lot. cold, sunny, warmer. high clouds, cool to mild. that's about the extent of anything. i think for a while here. it looks quiet in the extended. many people e-mail me. seven, ten days out, not much. if looks like a dry pattern. that could always change. everything is pointing towards a continuation of the current
8:09 am
pattern which is to bring the systems in and rip them apart. so southern california may be in line more so than us even though these are weak systems. 27 santa rosa, 38 napa airport. a breeze must have picked up. starting to rebound off some of the lows. a lot of 20s, 30s and a few 40s boulder creek, sebastopol, 25. a lot of upper 20s around san jose, saratoga. freeze warning, frost advisory for another 52 minutes. at 9:00 things will change. that will end. 28 in clearlake, 29 in sacramento. 26 in redding. cold air in place, top to bottom here. in fact, this system coming in won't do anything. it's absolutely falling apart. low going south. storm track is not over us. it will be a dry pattern for a while. definitely for a week, i think. sunshine, light breeze and a little warmer on the afternoon
8:10 am
highs. how about that? so temperatures will come up a little bit. kind of tough when you are 27, 28. you get above about 54, 55. some locations are bringing in the low 50s. but temperatures again, each day i think will come up a couple of degrees. nothing outrageous. 57 san jose and also santa clara. low to mid-50s along the san mateo coast, peninsula and in the city. higher clouds tomorrow. that will be about it. and then another sunny, bright day on friday and then increasing clouds on the weekend. i think the system will do the same thing, give us clouds and not much else. a new york city bus terminal has reopened. there was a natural gas scare just hours ago. now, that terminal down there, it was evacuated about 5:00 a.m. our time. people said it was a strong smell of gas. the building was ventilated and it reopened about 45 minutes later. luckily no one was hurt but traffic in that area was affected because of all of the
8:11 am
police activity. the coast guard is saying there's still no sign of any oil spill after an oil rig ran aground on an island in the gulf of alaska. now, it had 143,000 gallons of diesel fuel and about 12,000 gallons of oil when it separated from a tow ship on monday in the middle of a storm. the ship ran aground near a critical habitat for sea lions and sea birds. but the coast guard says so far, the oil rig doesn't appear to be leaking and there's no threat to the environment or wildlife. i think it's 8:10. the 49ers actually have a new kicker. who the team just signed and what this means for david akers. and a member of the paparazzi was killed in los angeles. what happened as he was trying to take a picture of justin bieber? @@
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
clear skies out there. it will be sunny and nice. we need to crank it up. cold this morning, 20s, 30s and 40s. mid-50s maybe a few near 56, 57 towards san jose. 8:13. the 49ers just signed a new kicker. billly cundiff. he will compete with david akers to see who will kick in the playoffs on january 12th. both kickers have had struggles. cundiff missed what would have been the tying field goal pat last year's afc championship
8:15 am
when he played against the ravens. ravens later cut him. then he signed with the redskins and was released after five games. fred, that was a great game yesterday. what was it like for you watching it from the side lines? >> reporter: you know, it was spenceful. i mean, there wasn't a -- suspenseful. i mean, there wasn't a lot of drama going on in terms of exciting plays. if you look at the game, stanford jumped right out to a big lead. they scored twice on their first two possessions and had almost half of their total yards in the first two possessions combined. after that, there was a punt fest. there was 13 punts in the game. i give credit to stanford. went right down on the first
8:16 am
possession, 80 yards, a touchdown, a great catch, a great run. they came right back and scored again on another long drive and after that, it was up to their defense and the defense won the game for them in the second half. it was only a 3-0 game in the second half. stanford scored the only three points of the second half if you can believe that. stanford has done it this way. andrew luck is now playing for the indianapolis colts. they aren't going to score 35, 40. they are gonna have to rely on their defense and that's what any did yesterday. they held ball of wisconsin, it was voted top in the nation -- he was voted the top in the nation, wisconsin never turns the ball
8:17 am
8:18 am
it was very exciting to see them win that game in that fashion. sounds good for them. >> thank you. 8:17. fatal shooting last night in el sobrante is being investigated. contra costa sheriff's deputies say the body of a man in his 20s was found in an apartment on appian way. investigators don't know yet if this was a suicide or a homicide. before the shooting, neighbors said they -- a gunman was arguing with someone inside an apartment. reportedly, after the argument, the man went into the bathroom alone. moments later, gunfire was heard. a new year's day search for a man swept out to sea in marin county ended when the
8:19 am
authorities found his body. the 59-year-old man was walking with miss wife and dog on north beach in the point reyes national seashore about 12:30 yesterday when a big wave swept the couple and their dog into the water. bystanders pulled the woman to safety. the dog also made it back to shore. and about 4:00 p.m., the coast guard found the man's body. so far we don't yet know his name. 8:18. the children would survived the connecticut shooting rampage are about to go back to school tomorrow. however, they will not return to sandy hook elementary, where a gunman killed 20 children and six adults last month. instead, they go to a nearby vacant school that's transformed to look a lot like their old classrooms. they will have their same desks. the walls will be painted the same colors. classes will be held tomorrow but today there is an openhouse for students an family.
8:20 am
irving penske originally accused the the state for failing to protect the students. he's gotten threatening messages of -- messages accusing him of trying to profit from the tragedy. he has since dropped his lawsuit. the judge wants to make sure both sides are ready for the preliminary hearing in the james holmes casep he's charged with killing 12 people and wounding 70 others on july 0th -- july 20th during a batman premiere. the time is 8:19. a los angeles paparazzi photographer died. he was trying to take pictures
8:21 am
of the sports car of justin beaner. according to tmz -- justin bieber. according to tmz, he was not in the car. his friends were driving the if he rawry when they -- if he rawry when they were -- fer raw raw -- ferrari when they were pulled over. investigators are searching for thieves who robbed an apple store in paris. they broke into the flagship store monday night while the police were busy watching people in the new year's eve celebrations. the suspects were paneled and wearing masks -- were armed and wearing masks. police say they were well prepared and stole about 1.3 million worth of apple merchandise. there is a report that apple is already testing its next generation iphone. no comment from apple, as usual. but the blog is reporting that developers showed off logs of those tests. that blogger, matt brian, say the information is related to
8:22 am
hardware relating to iphone 6.1 and the operating system is expected to be released by the middle of the year. the last two new iphones have been released in the fall. >> they tend to love to do that before the holiday shopping season gets underway. hundreds in the bay area mourn a woman who died after being gang-raped in independent na. na-- india. ♪ >> how they are honoring her. and it's cold this morning. below freezing in some parts of the bay area. meteorologist steve paulson is coming back and he will tell you when it will get warmer again here in the bay area. northbound, 880 improving now that they've removed an accident. i still have an alternate route for you. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
8:23 am
8:24 am
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8:25 am
around the world people are demanding justice for a woman in india for a woman who died after being gang-raped and beaten on a bus. her ashes were scattered during this vigil in new delhi. there's demand that the government address violence against women. protesters demand that lawmakers accused of sexual assault step down.
8:26 am
protesters say 260 candidates have run for office in the past five years in india while they were awaiting trial for crimes against women that include rape. here in the bay area, hundreds honored that woman who guyed with a candlelight vigil at the hindu temple in -- who died with a candlelight vigil vigil at the hindu temple. worship shippers prayed for the -- worshipers prayed for the woman. many expressed anger asking for tougher penalties in rape cases. >> the violence should never be tolerated or excused or forgiven. >> the victim by the way was a medical student in her 20s. rapes are rarely prosecuted in india. activists say 600 rapes were reported in new deal high last year. but there is a -- new delhi last year but there's been only one conviction. sal is back.
8:27 am
you are watching 880 and everyone else. >> yes. 880 is slow trying to get up to downtown oakland because of an earlier crash near fifth. it's backed up to the coliseum. it's moving better than it was. it's still not great. i would suggest moving 580 as an alternate route. the morning commute has been light at the bay bridge toll plaza. there was a little bit of slow traffic but that went away. looking at -- looking at contra costa county, the rest of the freeway, 680 and 242 look good. i want to remind you on jackson street ther is a -- there is a water main break. on the peninsula, we're doing well on 101 and 280. let's go to steve. great having you back. we do have a pretty cool morning. i would say 95% of the forecast area. there were a few 40s, oakland/san francisco held up a little bit. it will be clear and warmer. haven't said that in a while. the system, that's rain. no. no. it's going to fall apart.
8:28 am
it's already running into a wall. high pressure and a not very favorable jet stream. 20s, 30s and 40s. we're starting to bounce off the morning lows. temperatures will warm up a little bit. i went 57 san jose, mountain view, 57. san mateo in there. a little bit cooler out towards fairfield, livermore and antioch. temperatures will bounce up today. 8:27. just turned that. the criminals who viciously attacked a 75-year-old woman in a san francisco store, the unusual item they wanted to steal. >> reporter: a freeze warning in effect for parts of the bay area. we'll tell you where and we'll tell you why you won't be able to put a log in the fireplace today. >> reporter: we're live in san francisco where more people are complaining about cab service. we'll tell you about some of those complaints and why some may surprise you an "mornings on 2" continues. continues-- surprise you as "mornings on 2" continues. [ male announcer ] subway has so many
8:29 am
8:30 am
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8:31 am
at your neighborhood subway today. subway. eat fresh. well, only another half- hour and our freeze barning to the north and also frost advisory. we had a lot of 20s an 30s. sunshine today will mean warmer temperatures with some mid-50s. more on those chilly, chilly temperatures, and we go to tara moriarty. it's still 29? >> reporter: it is. we keep checking. the sun is up now. it's still chilly. definitely wear gloves. we found some gloves that have been selling well and they have these special fab brig on the fingertips an that allows you to use any touch-screen device. it works on urcell phone. it also comes -- it works on
8:32 am
your cell phone. that freeze warning in effect for the north bay for another half-hour and a frost advisory in place for bayside cities an slay valley. >> we buy some coffee. >> reporter: -- in santa clara valley. >> we by some coffee. >> reporter: pretty cold? >> yeah. >> reporter: you have four layers? [laughter] >> reporter: it's a spare-the- air day. even though it's cold, it's illegal to light fire logs or pellets. other chilly spots around the bay area, santa rosa, napa, livermore, redwood city and morgan hill. now, those temperatures are expected to fall later today. they will get no the upper 40s and the lower 50s. but they will stay chilly over the next few days. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. police are trying to reduce
8:33 am
violence as they report troubling trends. police are telling the "oakland tribune" that in some of those gang-related killings, gang members actually planned and practiced their attacks beforehand. police also say there's a new kind of the drug ecstasy out on the street as well. city leaders have brought in former police chief william bratton -- bratton as a consultant in an effort to fight crime. the city of oakland is expected to start to issue identification cards to illegal immigrants next year. san francisco has a similar i.d. card system in place. there's also a program in the works in richmond. oakland's i.d. cards will also act as debit cards. the idea is to make it easier for illegal workers to cash checks and to prevent them from walking around with large amounts of cash. opponents say the program
8:34 am
legitimizes illegal immigration. san francisco police are searching for two criminals accused of punching a 75-year- old woman and stealing wigs from a store. it happened on sunday avenue on polk street. police say the suspects left the store without paying for the wigs. when they were confronted by the woman, police say one of the men punched her in the head. both suspects ran away. they are described as between 25 and 30 years old. some san francisco taxi customers are not happy and they are complaining more than ever. brian flores is live in san francisco to tell us exactly what the customers are so unhappy about. >> reporter: we spoke with several passengers. it's a mixed bag in terms of cab experience. they say they like it for the most part. others say it's not quite a good experience. according to the bay citizen, 1700 passengers, in fact, complained to the city about their experience in a taxicab. riders can complain to their dedicated 311 complaint line and the article states between
8:35 am
july of 2011 and july of 2012, there was a 13% increase in the amount of complaints from the previous time period. here is a list of complaints  that some passengers had mentioned. they say that some taxi drivers are driving unsafely on the roads. there were complaints drivers refused to take credit cards, only asking for cash. there was one incident where there was a passenger who alleged the -- alleged driver took his credit card. there was peen a complaint of bed -- bedbugs in one cab. here's more. >> they frequently say can you put it in cash? you have to be pushy sometimes to do that. they don't want to do that. >> i'm a bicyclist. i ride my bike. i don't really have a car. but it's been pretty all right. everybody has always picked me up and it's all right. >> reporter: at least for the
8:36 am
cab drivers here in union square, they did want to speak on camera but they say their cabs are safe and don't agree with many complaints. some cab owners say the complaints are only a small amount in the city. and they mostly blame the lack of oversight here in san francisco. the article states many in the industry would support a passenger bill of rights that you would see in new york and chicago. the city says there's only a handful of people that man that line. they want to hear your complaints if you do have any. we're live in san francisco, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. here's something else -- san francisco police say watch out for fake parking lot attendants who are stealing your money. san francisco chronicle reports two men with long criminal records have been cheating drivers out of their money and they keep coming back. they pretend to be parking attendants from waterford lots and take the money.
8:37 am
the drivers get cheated and they get a ticket because they didn't pay. >> wow. that's frustrating. let's check in with sal, see what's happening on the roads. >> we're starting there because 880 northbound, i've been telling but it, there was pan earlier crash near downtown oakland. that's been removed. traffic is still recovering. you are still going to see some slowing between 66 which you can see right there and heading up to downtown. if you can wait longer, that will be good or you might want to use 580, using 580 to 980. look the -- looking at 101, san francisco traffic looks good in and out of san francisco and 101 and 280. at the peninsula, 101 and 280 are doing well all the way to the airport. let's go to steve. cold temperatures, clear skies. a lot of 20s. starting to finally warm up a tiny bit but there's still a lot of 30s out there.
8:38 am
we have another 24 minutes for our freeze warning and frost advisory. after that, it looks good. the system i'm standing in front of is falling apart. when you see them do this, that tells you they are dying on the vine. you can see most of the energy is going up here. and then it will go down to southern california and it ends up being very week. 20s, 30s, a little breeze. napa, 38. in town it was 27. 30s, low, concord was in the 20s. livermore is 28. fairfield was in the 20s. santa rosa, there were a lot of 0s near san jose as well. upper 20s. 30s now. some of the coldest readings, boulder creek, 25. cordelia, 25. palo alto, 28s and 29s earlier. saratoga, 29 as well. it's cold. freeze frost advisory for another 20 minutes or so until 9:00. but we'll start to bounce off those very cold temperatures very soon. 1 degree in tahoe.
8:39 am
i think it was 9 below in truckee. 9 below. ukiah, 27. sacramento, 29. redding 26. there's some cold air around. you can see our system it has no place to go except north or south and not over us. the pattern looks like it won't do anything in the way of rain. the cloud/rain forecast brings the system in and kills us. maybe up towards cretent city. sunshine, a lot -- crescent city. sunshine, a light breeze. temperatures will come up a few degrees here today. i think maybe even into the weekend. 50s on the temperatures here. low 50s to a few mid-50s but it's tough to recover from 26, 27 degrees. 55 fremont, 57 san jose, we'll go 55 pacific pacifica, 54 san bruno and 56 in redwood city. a nice friday. the weekend looks okay. there will be another system coming in. but i think the end result, a lot of clouds and not much else. 8:38.
8:40 am
police in san jose want to know how a man who stripped naked and waved a samurai sword with police yesterday was able to get an assault rifle. now the standoff started at 8:00 yesterday morning when police answered a 911 call about a man with an assault rifle in front of a house near essie street. the man drove off in a truck. police follow him to a light rail station. that's when they say the man took off all of his clothes and started waving a samurai sword. >> his statements when he got put of the vehicle were, you are gonna -- when he got pout of the vehicle were you are gonna have to kill me. >> after a two-hour standoff, the man tried to climb a fence but he fell and dropped that sword. police say they did find a loaded assault rifle in his truck. investigators in solano county are investigating the cause of the new year's eve's head-on crash that killed four people. it happened around 9:15 monday night on highway 12, east of
8:41 am
rio vista. a hyundai elantra and toyota camry crashed. two women and a man were killed in the hyundai. a man from tracy tied in the toyota. the names of -- died in the toyota. the names of the victims have not been released. the man accused of starting a fire at the law offices of vallejo's mayor is due in court to enter a plea. 44-year-old love is charged with two arsons, a fire at vallejo may poor osby davis' law office on september 29th and a fire pat taylor chapel in july. a judge ruled in december that love can stand trial. he's being held on $50,000 bail pat the solano county jail. 8:40. the city of san francisco canceled its ten-year landfill agreement with the company ecology. they planned to send the garbage to yuba county in 015. but that led to lawsuits over an environmental impact report and how the contract bidding
8:42 am
was handled. san francisco hopes to avoid the lawsuits by back mouth of the agreement with recol -- a -- by backing out of the agreement with recology. the closing bell will ring on the planetarium and everybody will make a closing exit. they are moving to pier 15. that's not a quick job. the exploratorium will reopen at its new low in april. the series of events that led up to two innocent people being killed. it's not over yet in washington. the two remaining cliffs that congress needs to tackle in the coming weeks. repair work underway at
8:43 am
this hayward intersection after a large water main ruptured sending waters gushing down the street. how neighbors in this area will be affected by this water main break when "mornings on 2" continues.
8:44 am
8:45 am
despite all of the chaos
8:46 am
and controversy, the fiscal cliff compromise is sending stock markets here and around the world soaring higher in the first day of the new year and oil is going higher also. oil is currently up almost 2% to $93.57 a barrel. the dow up, 221. the nasdaq is up 67, still up over 2% and the s&p is up 24. the stock market is off to a good start after the house passed a senate deal to avoid automatic income tax hikes an government spending cuts but as kyla campbell reports, major fights are coming. >> reporter: the fiscal cliff deadline was just one of several congress has to deal with. last night, the house overwhelmingly approved the senate legislation passed. the main points of the deal, the income tax rate is going up only on households making
8:47 am
$450,000 or more a year and individuals making $400,000. and federal unemployment benefits continued this year for 2 million americans. but at least two other big debates are coming and soon. congress pushed off deep government spending cuts for two months and the country is hitting the date ceiling. >> if congress refuses to give the united states government the ability to pay these bills on time, the consequences for the entire global economy would be catastrophic. far worse than the impact of a fiscal cliff. >> reporter: and while things look good upon wall street today, investors say don't get used to it if congress remains so divided. live in washington, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we have much more on last night's fiscal cliff vote on our channel 2 website. go to, click on the tab right there on the front
8:48 am
page. happening right now, some members of congress are now on the floor of the house of representatives calling for a vote on legislation to help the victims of superstorm sandy. those lawmakers are furious because the republican house leadership ended last night's session without voting on the sandy bill. new york congressman peter king calls it a cruel knife in the back. >> i have to go home this weekend and next week and the week after and see the hundreds and thousands of people who are out of their homes, who don't have shelter, who don't have food and they are living with relatives, friends, living in trailers. this is not the united states of america. >> the senate had already passed a 60.4 billion measure and the house was expected to vote on it but republican leaders say the deal on the fiscal cliff took so long, there was just no time to discuss the sandy bill. the white house just moments ago released a statement from president obama, it also urges the house to vote on the sandy aid bill today. we have some new video to show you of a new bay area
8:49 am
congressman on capitol hill this morning. checking out his new office. this is bay area congressman eric swallwell of dublin. he defeated pete stark. he just got the keys to his new office this morning. he will be sworn in with the other new members of congress tomorrow and also being sworn in tomorrow is jarret huffman. he's replacing lin woolsey who stepped down after 20 years in office. he's a former environment attorney. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we are following -- it's cold this morning. temperatures below 30 in several cities. a freeze warning and frost advisory will expire in just about 10 minutes from right now. later on, the temperatures should be in the 40s and 350s. crews are still out there busy, they are fixing a broken water main on jackson street
8:50 am
and that caused a lot of problems. ktvu's alex savidge has been there since 4:30. so what's the latest? what's happening out there, ail length? >> well, dave, they've managed to shut the water off. they did that a little while ago but now they have a major repair job on their hands. you can see crews right now have begun the process of digging with the roadway. so they can go in there and replace that section of pipe that ruptured earlier this morning. in the meantime irk want to give you a look at some of the damage that was done. the roadway was pushed up because of the underground pressure, all of that water flowing. this is the scene for much of the morning as water gushed from the middle of this intersection to jackson and santa clara street t was a 12- inch water main that ruptured just after 3:30 this morning. it took roughly four hours for crews to stop the flow of water. the city of hayward workers came out here. they were able to stop the flow of water eventually but it was a complex process as workers had to shut off a number of
8:51 am
different valves all throughout this neighborhood. one worker told me the result is that a couple of hundred people may be without water for the time being as this repair work continues. as we come back out here live, you can see it's a major job with they have on their hands right now. they are gonna have to go in there, dig up the roadway and several lanes of this intersection are shut down here, impacting traffic, of course, and again, a couple of hundred people without water as this repair work takes place in morning. live in hayward, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. a deadly high-speed crash in san francisco outside a liquor store is still the focus of a police investigation and the arrest of the driver was all caught on video. [ sirens ] >> it happened yesterday morning. police with their guns drawn moved in on the unidentified suspect's car. the suspect was arrested. he's being treated for minor injuries.
8:52 am
police also say they found a gun inside the car. minutes before the arrest, the driver crashed into a white toyota at 21st and south van ness, sending it flying through a liquor store. the surveillance video there captured the crash as it happened. police say this all started with pan earlier report of shots -- with pan earlier report of shots fired at a housing complex. police pulled over the driver but the driver sped away. >> as officers approached the vehicle, the vehicle took off and ran through the next intersections, colliding with the white vehicle. >> a 26-year-old pedestrian who was walking into the liquor store died at the scene after being hit by the car. there were two people in the toyota, the passenger, a bomb in her 20s -- a bomb in her 20s and a -- a woman in her 20s died at the scene. a small school in santa rosa for federal government needs students want your help. they want to catch the thieves
8:53 am
who robbed the school during the christmas holidays. it's the new horizons learning center. the burglars stole cash, the school van an computers with software for students who have learning disabilities. >> these are kids who don't have laptops or ipads. they often come from very difficult situations and they are only -- their only hands-on time will be here. >> the school van, the biggest loss. the gold odyssey. they need it back for their student activities. residents in one neighborhood in antioch are asking city and county officials to help stop a spring of burglaries. christine morales' house has been robbed twice. she said during december, burglars broke in this at least one home a week in her neighborhood. she's asking for private security, volunteer patrols, maybe even moving a trail that
8:54 am
runs behind some of the houses that have been robbed lately. up next -- i'm not looking at you. trying to shed a few pounds? a new study reveals one ingredient you might want to avoid. a lock at our traffic. this is what -- a look at our traffic. in is what sal is gonna talk -- this is what sal is gonna talk about.
8:55 am
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8:57 am
-- welcome back. the man missing in the first silver alert issued, he's safe. he had a fight with his wife and didn't come back to his home in ilk grove. the new silver alert program bean yesterday. they are like an amber alert but they are issued for senior citizens who are believed to be in danger. unlike amber alerts, though they won't be broadcast on the freeway message boards. >> we have to make sure the person is at risk. >> they found the man in morning. were conducting a traffic stop. he was taken to the hospital to be examined. his family says he suffers from dementia and he needs his medication. a new study suggests that fructose sugar leads to obese te. shoe arcan trigger brain changes that cause overeating. a small study found that after drinking a beverage with fructose, the brain does not
8:58 am
register the feeling of being full as it does with other simple suge as. although the research doesn't prove it causes obesity, it adds to the evidence that it contributes to it. sal knows about our problems in the commute and where they may be. >> that's right. 880 one of the places where we've had a problem. it's getting better. northbound 880 coming up to the -- we'll start with the toll plaza. traffic is moving along well. 880 slow coming up through the middle of downtown oakland because of some earlier problems. it's getting better. san francisco doesn't look good. northbound 101 looks good. southbound 101 is not bad. on the peninsula, the traffic is moving well in both directions. let's go to steve. well, cold this morning for many. but -- if you really want to warm up, go to half moon bay, it's 50 there. a little easterly breeze. for everyone else it was a cool
8:59 am
morning. it will be sunny. no rain in sight here. >> none. >> no. >> all right. >> nice place to go. that's our report for this morning. we thank you for trusting ktvu. we'll see you the next time fuse breaks. >> be sure to -- the next time news breaks. be sure to watch the news at noon. we're always here for you at thank you for joining us.


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